Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Glorious Western Sunset

The Old Ford in my Driveway

I won't get out into the backcountry 'til next week, so in the meantime I'd like to share one of my interests - collecting sunsets. Not literally of course, but capturing an image of a spectacular sunset has always been a favorite activity. I do it digitally nowadays, but I'm old enough to to have used a 35mm camera with film, and I still have to remember to keep the camera around so I can get that perfect picture when the opportunity arises (or sets, in this case!).

Western sunsets can be especially appealing. I don't know that the variety we have out here are anything special, except that the horizon seems to stretch forever and the landscape usually lends the picture an interesting foreground against which to shoot. The images here were taken over the last 20 years, and represent some of my favorites.

San Rafael Swell, Utah

West Interstate 70 in Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lake Tahoe

San Rafael Swell, Utah

Aquarius Plateau, Utah

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