Friday, May 29, 2009

A few thoughts on blogging in the Blogosphere

Blogging? Isn't that what self-absorbed, self-righteous fatheads do to satisfy some urgent need to tell the world they exist, and that their opinion matters?

I don't really know. But I'm not averse to giving it a try. And in doing so should I care if no one's reading what I've written, or dismissing my effort as trite and meaningless?

It doesn't matter, because my intent is to write for my own pleasure. I guess this blog is a personal journal of sorts that I'm willing to share, and as far as I'm concerned I'll enjoy what I'm writing whether anyone reads it or not.

Will it be worth your time to read? Note: This is a rhetorical question, and anyone actually reading this already knows the answer. If for some reason what I'm offering is of interest to the casual reader, then I suppose my vanity is satisfied.

Other than that I'll take pleasure knowing I've tried something new, and what I learn as I go along will better enable me to survive the socially networked and technologically enhanced brave new world we live in.

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